Bio – About me

11693963_10152898220305969_1090763749617928482_nI have been a photographer for as long as I can remember, some of my first memories are of clutching a disposable camera. I almost find it therapeutic; it relieves stress and helps keep me grounded as well as pushes me to explore my creative side further and keep the old flame burning.

I studied photography from GCSE through to University and graduated from London Met in 2014, learning techniques and gaining valuable experience across a range of formats in both the studio and on location. This has made me very versatile so I can quickly adapt to your photographic needs whether it be a simple headshot portrait or an entire wedding and still deliver top quality results.

I have recently been pursuing an interest in portraits, documenting street cultures and shooting action shots of skateboarders. I like to focus on minor contextual details or aesthetic techniques in my work to build the natural atmosphere within each frame. For instance, I prefer my portraits to look genuine and unplanned, capturing the subject’s unguarded personas and presenting my clients with images that really resemble the subject in more than just appearance.

In my skate photography I try to capture the elements that make the culture so special for each individual – the persistence, determination and progression. The interactions between skaters, the comradery, community and competition give the sport a unique identity. I have skateboarded for nearly a decade myself, so I know exactly what sort of emotions and moments are the most valuable when caught on camera.

Feel free to contact me about any queries you may have over my work and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting!

Phone: 07757610090


Location: London – UK